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Flash Songs

2010-03-20 15:48:24 by wonky

If anyone is making a flash video and would like a song, I'd be more than glad to write and record one for you. Just PM me if you want to request one. Let me know what the video is about, what you would like the song to sound like, and what time you need it by. And be sure you credit me! I'm not a fan of plagiarism. It's free, too. That's always good.

New song!

2010-01-30 21:50:20 by wonky

So, it's been about half a year since I did anything on Newgrounds, at least submitting-wise, so I added a new song. Check it out. And I finally figured out a set-up that will let me record on my desktop, so we should be seeing quite a few more songs from now on.


2009-06-26 19:32:15 by wonky

Ok, for all the pervert pedophile's looking at this (yes, I can see you, Tom), I am starting to work on some submitions for the audio portal! w00t! Look for them over the next few days (weeks is more likely, but then people lose interest.)!